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Freight trucking by AURORA Group

Freight trucking by AURORA Group

AURORA Group offers to its clients complex logistics services that include land forwarding and freight shipping. After over 6 years of work in this field, our specialists gained significant experience in the transportation of various types of products using the most efficient itineraries from production enterprises of the Southern Federal District of Russia to any ports in the southern region.

Benefits of freight trucking by AURORA Group

Cooperating with AURORA Group in freight shipping you get:

  • Prompt delivery of bulk, complex and oversized cargo from anywhere in the region to the port;
  • Professional services for loading, unloading, transportation, aggregation, and storage of goods at the most suitable sites;
  • Timely delivery of vehicles to the point of loading, which guarantees compliance with the schedule of shipments and excludes a possibility of demurrage of a vessel;
  • Full support in securing approvals for the transportation of goods at any level of complexity.

Based on the experience and expertise of our specialists, we have established mutually beneficial partnerships with large logistics operators, as well as with port authorities. Thanks to this, AURORA is ready to solve any challenge in freight trucking that you face in the shortest possible time and on the most favorable terms.

We are already cooperating with coal mining enterprises in the Rostov oblast, as well as with agricultural manufacturers. We are ready to offer you special terms and conditions, and we will do everything possible to make an offer of the transportation of goods from the AURORA Group the most compelling for you!