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Agent`s services by the "AURORA" Holding

Agent`s services by the "AURORA" Holding

"Aurora" Holding agential unit offers services on multipurpose representation of Russian and foreign ship-owners in the port of Rostov-on-Don. Our professionals will carry on the following tasks:

  1. The implementation of customs, port, border, quarantine-medical and other procedures necessary for fulfillment while a ship enters the Rostov-on-Don port.
  2. Berth reservation for cargo and other operations.
  3. Arrangement of remedial maintenance and servicing of vessels.
  4. A vessel`s food supply.
  5. Providing a vessel with combustibles and lubricants, with technical support, etc.

We are also ready to take over the registration of the alternate for crew members, carry out the pilot services and consider the solution of any individual requests relevant to your vessel.

"AURORA" Holding is in touch round the clock. We perform maximum responsibility when fulfilling any tasks related to ship's agency service, that is why we guarantee — whatever you need, you will get an excellent service.